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Skill Areas Covered

General Engineering
Engineering Manufacture
Engineering Maintenance

Suitable for Assessing

Craft and Technician Applicants
Adult Applicants
Applicants for Part-time and/or Full-time Courses

Assessment Areas

Mechanical Reasoning - Confirms ability to understand basic mechanical principles of motion, direction, and applied forces in an engineering context

Understanding Electrical Principles – Confirms ability to understand electrical and electronic principles of voltage and current

Spatial Awareness – Confirms ability to visualise two-dimensional shapes, which have been rotated, or mirror imaged

Principles of Measurement – Confirms ability to understand units and principles of measurement

Literacy - Confirms strengths and weaknesses in an engineering context

Numeracy - Confirms strengths and weaknesses in an engineering context

Information Technology - General ability confirmation

Total Number of Questions

62 Multi-Choice Questions covering the 7 areas above

Assessment Duration

60 minutes

Available Assessment Formats

Computer Based
Internet Based - Priced On Application

Trial Assessment Available

Internet Based Demonstration > FREE TRIAL
(Employers and Colleges/Training Providers ONLY)

Software Licensing

Included in Purchase Price (No additional fees)


Paper Based
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Computer Based
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